Breast Reduction Addresses Both Functional and Aesthetic Concerns

Breast augmentation to increase the size of the bust has been a popular cosmetic surgery for decades, but another procedure is steadily rising in popularity. The percentage of breast reduction procedures grew by 11 percent in2017.  

I’m seeing more and more women in my practice who request breast reduction, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also because of functional concerns.  

Size Really Does Matter

Many women choose to undergo breast reduction for aesthetic reasons. Their bust may be out of proportion to the rest of their body, making it challenging to find clothing that fits. Or they may be embarrassed by the large appearance of their chest. Others seek breast reduction for more functional reasons. The size of their bust makes certain activities difficult, such as running and yoga. The heaviness of their breasts may cause chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain.  

Breast reduction surgery can alleviate these issues, while creating a bust that is more symmetrical and proportionate, resulting in greater confidence.

The Procedure

During breast reduction surgery, excess glandular tissue, skin and fat are removed to reduce volume. Liposuction may be used to remove the fat while sparing necessary tissue and nerves. At the same time, the breasts are lifted and reshaped. The nipples and areolas may need to be repositioned after the breasts are lifted.  

After the procedure, your breasts will be covered in gauze or bandages and you will receive medication for pain and to decrease risk of infection. A tube may be placed under each of your arms to drain any excess fluid.

Your breasts will likely feel tender for several days after surgery, and there may be swelling or bruising. Recovery time generally takes four to six weeks. Any scarring typically fades over time.  

Breast reduction surgery is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure with a high satisfaction rate, due to results and affordability. In many cases,the surgery is covered, at least in part, by health insurance. If you are considering breast reduction, my team at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in Houston is here to guide you through the decision-making process and create a bust size that will result in a more comfortable, confident you.

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